Friday, October 7, 2011

God's Abundance

Walter Bruggeman says: "We must confess that the central problem of our lives is that we are torn apart by the conflict between our attraction t the good news of God's abundance and the power of our belief in scarcity."

Interestingly it seems to me the more we focus on God's abundance, the more abundance there is in our lives; and, conversely the more we focus on scarcity, the more scarcity there is in our lives.

What choices are you making for your life?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Institutional Church or the Power of the Assembly

What is the problem with the institutional church. Well I am sure, as with any institution, there are many. It is too big, too slow to respond to the needs of the people, too cold, times not convenient. to much possibility for mistrust, righteousness and judgment. All these things are true, but that begs the question, does it have any value? Beyond the organization and the polity and all of the above, there lies the assembly of the faithful and to me therein lies the value. Small groups are wonderful and intimate and quick to respond to the individual and corporate needs of the group. But there are times, when in the midst of some internal or relational conflict, that I need to be in the company of the faithful without intimacy, without others expressing concern, without people asking questions. I just need "to be," while surrounded by others who are also praising and worshipping God. Some how then, I am lifted into a momentary place of rest, beyond my current troubles, my current flaws, my current misgivings, those who may be judging me, my fears and failures, into a closer and more intimate relationship with God who loves me unconditionally and takes me as I am with all my flaws, no questions asked. Lest we throw out the baby with the bath, there is power in the assembly and there is power in small group intimate worship. It is not an either/or choice, but rather a choice of which I need at the moment in my journey.