Thursday, June 5, 2014

The value of a life?

Every day we read of yet another human being shot, knifed, blown up, killed in some way or another. It seems it has become the modern solution to every problem.

If I am angry with my spouse why bother with the pain of divorce I'll just shoot him/her or use poison or hire some else to do it. If I am angry at a classmate I will stab that person. If things are not going right for me, if I am being "made" to feel uncomfortable I will eradicate a life or many lives and that will make it better.

Where did we lose the understanding of the value of a life? When did life become so cheap, so replaceable, so insignificant?

Some might say it is because of video games, you kill someone in a game and they come right back. Some might say it is TV, or society, or culture, or weapon laws, or individualism, or laws that permit euthanasia or abortion, or gangs, or authority, or .. or .. or ..

Somehow we have come to value our own life, and the lives of those we love, but assign no value to others, not just the hungry or the homeless or the less fortunate than us, but anyone else. Anyone outside of our sphere is fair game to be the victim of anger, rage, disappointment, depression, or any other adversity -- involved or not, responsible or not, friend or stranger.

What we have forgotten is that each and every human being is created in the image of God and is precious and unique and brings value and gifts to this world. Whether the victim or the perpetrator, every human being is some mother's son, some sister's brother, some father's daughter, and above all else God's child.

The world can be changed if each of us would but respect the dignity of every human being and act accordingly.

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